Qui suis-je ?

My name is Lachie, 22 years old from Tasmania. enjoy surfing :)

Note moyenne:

juillet 2019

Lachie and Ann came from far to travel on our campervan! They are very cool and take care our van very well. Everything went fine... It was a pleasure to meet them and we wait to receive them next time! :) 

Note moyenne:

août 2019

The owners who we dealt with when renting/hiring this van were really nice and spent time preparing us a map/journey plan for our time travelling along the coast of Portugal which was really nice. They also picked us up and dropped us back to airport for a pretty reasonable cost as well. They were friendly, honest and had a pretty good sense of humour as well so meant the trip started off on a nice positive note.

The van itself was imaccculate - very clean and very tiding inside. Nothing damaged or broken and everything worked well. It comes with an awesome big fridge that is always cold as it is plugged into a separate battery (meaning the starter battery for the car won't go flat). The overall design and functionality of the coooking area at the back, and the bed was really good. 

The vehicle itself was bloody good on fuel, as it is a new car and it is diesel. It handled and drove very well and we didn't have any mechanical issues which was great.

The only downside I would say is that the bed itself was a bit hard, as the matress is a little bit thin, and the pillow were small. We got used to this though and it wasn't a deal breaker.

This van was reasonably priced comapred to others on YesCapa (we believed). 

Note to anyone renting a van in portugal: the cost does add up esspecially the tolls - we accumulated 27 euro worth just on our way back from Lagos to Lisbon!

The owners were decent though and we couldn't find a servo on the way back to fill the van back to its original mark, but they did not charge us a fee - only the cost of the missing fuel which was decent. 



Lachie & Anna