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novembre 2019
Vraiment top ! Camping car très très bien équipé vous manquerez de rien. Severine est adorable, disponible pour question. Je recommande vivement.

septembre 2019

The Motorhome Owners (Five Star rating from us)

GREAT: Very easy and accomodating in the pick up and drop off. Very thorough handover to us which made our understanding and use of their motorhome. They knew their motorhome and its use really well. Their local knowlege was alos invaluable and very pleased we took our time on this. We were coming back to our initial conversation and advices a few days on, which was a real benfit. We needed to do the handback the evening before our finish period and they made this a very easy process and accommodated these changes as normal routine. We spoke very little French (non existant for a handover conversation) and we very easily came to an undestanding of all their explanations. Their English was vastly superior to our French. 


The Motorhome (Five Star rating from us)

PICTURES ACCURATE: The motorhome was exactly how it looked in the pictures. It came with everything we needed to make our trip a success. We travelled by plane and train with a suitcase each so having the additional camping equipment included made us utlise the full benefits of the locations we stayed at night and short stops in the day. The rear table and seating area we overlooked in our search but this additional seating area was especally useful to us and a real bonus that having two seating areas provides. The motorhome was in beautiful condition and was very easy to keep in that condition during our stay. For a group of three people in seperate beds there was enough storage for our needs with cupboards and lockers to spare. The large fridge meant that we only shopped a couple of times in the two weeks and most of our meals were motorhome based.

Our Tip

Half of our campsites were "Free Camping" in the moutains by lakes and the remainder were beach side campsites. Every night we were able to find a great campsite, even the paid campsites, never booking ahead and only paying for electricity on two campsites. We could easily go 3-4 days with additional water (No Showers) and the leisure battery only just droped below 75% each day but the solar panel maintained this really well. The lighting on the inside and outside really extended our days and at night the lighting options worked great for us.  We had one day of rain but the space inside made this a very easy day. We drove approximately 1,000km in 12 days on a mixture of toll roads, A and D roads. 



PROCESS GREAT: Our first experience with Yescapa and will book again. I made one mistake with the bond as this was new for me, but that was my full responsibility. The ability to use a locals motorhome in another county has significant benefits and can not be undervalued, especailly when on small country roads.  The process is thorough and detailed with lots of help and advice. Yes it takes time, but it does need to. 

juin 2019
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juin 2019
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