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février 2019
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septembre 2019

Myself and my girlfriend hired the van for just over two weeks. We had an amazing time in the Campervan. 


Francisco was an amazing host. Extremely helpful and kept in regular contact up coming to the rental and during. Because we were from England we had loads of questions about the van, driving in Portugal and sites and he was very helpful. Even offering apps which help with staying overnight and a guide on the van. Francisco also has a couple of friends who we also got the pleasure of meeting. Antonio was nice enough to pick us up and drop us off to the van and airport from Lisbon.


The van itself is surprisingly reliable for its age. It’s a little clunky and you have to get used to the speed but very comfortable and lets you feel like your outdoors.


The fuel dial dial doesn’t work in the van which means you have to keep check on your fuel with the mileage but Francisco explains it all upon collection. There is also a screeching sound sometimes when starting up driving but doesn’t last long. Although it has a couple bucks the van is very well maintained. 


We drove the van  around 200km and didn’t have any issue. Also the van is small enough that it fits into a regular parking space which was very helpful.

décembre 2018

We took Paddy’s camper out at the end of November for a surprise birthday trip for my girlfriend.

the weather that weekend wasn’t particularly great! (Constant heavy rain) however we still had an amazing time!


Paddy was very accommodating upon introductions, him and his wife are very nice and a very interesting couple. As we were first timers we had plenty of questions. We were given loads of information about the vehicle and it’s functionality. Paddy was even nice enough to recommend some places to visit. He was very open and casual about the drop off time which I appreciated.


the van itself is fantastic. You can clearly see it has been professionally made and well looked after, the van ran smoothly and kept us warm though out the nights. We only wish the weather was better so we could have gone on a hike in the mornings. There was however a very comfy bed and a few extra sheets to cosy up in.