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A propos de ce van


Couchage 1
Lit toit relevable
200 cm x 220 cm

Situé au dessus du véhicule il se déplie par l'intérieur. Il permet de garder le confort d'un grand lit sans prendre de place dans le véhicule.

Couchage 2
Lit banquette
150 cm x 200 cm

Il s'agit des sièges arrières rabatables en banquette. Permet de garder de l'espace de vie intérieur tout en ajoutant 2 couchages à un véhicule compact.


Porte vélos 4 places
Kit de vaisselle 4 personnes
Nécessaire de ménage Éponge, liquide vaisselle, produit cassette

Caractéristiques techniques

Modèle : CamperKing T5 2 l 180 ch

Mise en circulation : 2015

PTAC : 3 200,0 kg

Nombre de places assises : 4

Nombre de places de couchage : 4

Nombre de ceintures de sécurité : 4

Longueur : 4,9 m

Eau propre : 30,0 litres

Hauteur : 2,1 m

Eaux usées : non renseigné

Largeur : 1,9 m

Carburant : Diesel

Additif : Aucun additif

Boîte de vitesse : Manuelle

Kilométrage : Inconnu

Capacité du réservoir : 80,0 litres

Consommation : De 8 à 10 l/100km

Conditions du propriétaire

Caution gérée par Yescapa (2000€ ou le montant maximum de la franchise d’assurance)

Km supplémentaire : 0,25 £

Camping-car fumeur sur demande

Conditions d'assurance

  • Entre 25 ans et 73 ans
  • Permis B depuis 2 ans ou plus
  • Code DVLA pour les détenteurs d'un permis U.K.
  • Etre âgé de 25 à 73 ans révolus (copie de la carte d'identité à ajouter à votre espace personnel)
  • Etre titulaire d'un permis de conduire de catégorie B depuis plus de 2 ans en cours de validité (copie du permis de conduire à ajouter à votre espace personnel)
  • Pour les détenteurs d'un permis U.K : Fournir à Yescapa son code DVLA et accepter que l'entreprise mène une vérification d'antécédents de conduite
  • Ne pas avoir un emploi allant à l'encontre des exclusions d'assurance

Conditions d'annulation

Les modalités de remboursement varient en fonction de la date d'annulation de la réservation.

Réservation confirmée

Dans les 30 jours avant le départ, vous serez remboursé de 70% du coût de la location hors frais d'assurance et de service.

30 jours avant le départ

Moins de 30 jours avant le départ, aucun remboursement n'est possible, la totalité du montant de la transaction est due.


Annulation flexible pour le motif Cas de force majeure

Si vous ne pouvez pas voyager en raison d’un Cas de force majeure, vous pouvez bénéficier de conditions d’annulations adaptées. Elles vous permettent de reporter votre voyage sans aucun frais.
La rémunération du propriétaire vous sera remboursée sous 10 jours après votre annulation. Le montant restant sera utilisable sur une prochaine réservation sur le véhicule de votre choix.

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2 avis

juillet 2022

Owner very easy to contact and communicate with.

juin 2022

Had a wonderful weekend in this incredible campervan. Went to a campervan festival, so we were surrounded by other campervans, but wouldn't have swapped with anyone. 



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Covid - Compliant hygienically prepared Vehicle.

Hi there Fellow Adventurers,

By way of introduction we are Emma & Andrew, Reuben (14yrs) and our whippet puppy Hunter (picture below of the pooch - non-allergenic!). We enjoy Cycling, Hiking, Kayaking and Dog-Walking and general fresh-air outings with our Indy.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about our well-travelled and dependable Indy - the 4x4 VW Poptop Campervan - who has sheltered and kept us toasty throughout.

Regular stops for DIY onboard espressos are highly recommended too!

He was converted less than 2 years ago by CamperKing - with a modern Poptop sleep area, full kitchenette, certified safe rear seating/ bed, storage, Dometic awning and Dometic fridge/freezer and Solar panel charge system.

@@@ Indy can be driven by anyone with a standard UK driving license (manual) @@@

Our family have enjoyed many great planned and unplanned weekends (and weeks!) travelling solo or with friends around the UK - meeting all manner of interesting folk along the way.

Any concerns around driving a large van are quickly dispelled by the very light steering, car-like handling and confident direct braking. This is the T32 model with superior suspension and brakes to other lower-weight capacity models.
For illustration - Indy is only as long as the average estate car - easily parking in standard supermarket bays and the like.
There are both forward and rear cameras with video footage storage - also allowing good visibility (with curtains open!) and a rear view mirror with blind spot lens on the rear window to aid further.
The left hand sliding door really comes in useful when parking is tight though and becomes the main entrance/exit while parked up (and it is away from the road-side unlike on the California vans!)

Indy can sleep four adults comfortably - the poptop bed is factory weight rated up to 200Kg for peace of mind and surprisingly easy to deploy / retract by one adult.
The upper bed (lounge#2!) is also a great bolthole if you would just like to enjoy a chill out too - and the view is even better!

Both front seats have heater overlays and the Passenger seat can rotate 180 to join the party - great for a leg stretch too.
Rear seats can be partially reclined for comfort while stationery - allowing a more relaxed position for relaxing.
There is also a matching removable indoor table for mealtimes and entertaining.
There are two outdoor tables included as standard to extend the outdoor living experience.

The side awning is easy to operate - super for summer days and inclement weather as shelter for the van side entrance and surrounding exterior living area.
We also have a Kiravans rear awning/shelter which again adds more usable living space in all weather conditions - only taking two minutes to fit once parked up at site.

The right hand sliding door is a rare extra - ideal for extra airflow and as a minibar serving area. This door also has its own sliding window too.
The left sliding door interior panel has been converted to extend usable storage space too - really useful for the rear passengers whilst on the move.

We find there is plenty of storage space for luggage / kit with all the built-in cupboards to help control the chaos! As we normally use a separate large rugged plastic bin for the kitchen / cooking equipment, this frees up the storage bins for luggage and other general kit - keeping the van more comfortable, tidy and much quicker to pack / clean when moving off again. The same idea extends to outdoor cooking - as this cuts down on cleaning time and more time to enjoy eating and relaxing instead!

The solar panel charger system and huge leisure battery can provide enough juice to keep you comfortable and all your devices charged - whether hooked up at a campsite or freewheeling in the countryside.
While connected to a campsite power supply then AC mains electricity is available from the dual 3-pin sockets onboard.
A 20 metre camping power cable will be provided to allow use of campsite electricity (AKA shore power).

We have an Autoterm Diesel Heater installed which is indispensable in the colder months and for drying off damp clothing if necessary too - further it can be remotely operated via the app to allow the van to be warmed thoroughly upon your return too! Only installed last year it works perfectly and runs from the main fuel tank.

The rug is designed for pets and is both water and drinks absorbent- perfectly fine for inclement weather and social gatherings- and can be dried and cleaned easily as necessary.

There are also seat covers to protect Indy's seats if the weather turns and clothing is damp and muddy.
The seats have also been 3M treated to offer basic protection and easier cleaning too.

Indy has been thermally and acoustically insulated to improve the driving and camping experience equally.
A set of blackout curtains have been fitted for extra privacy along with the sliding blackouts on every window in the main living area.
For the upstairs guests there is also a Khayam poptop cover to improve the insulation, sound dampening and light blocking. Especially good in winter or for keeping the younger kids slumbering to allow the grownups a good lie-in!!
There are also handmade (by Emma!) wraparound front window covers and a solar blind and will come as standard

Indy has a 30 litre water supply with tap and sink - plenty for a hot week in summer. A basic portable shower can be provided however we find that booking into a campsite as needed is more convenient and comfortable.

For cooking there is a twinring gas stove in addition to an outdoor camping stove when the weather allows. For example a small coffee pot will be ready in around three minutes.. We also have a CADAC stove as an optional extra to allow further versatility to your culinary creations!
We find that outdoor cooking is much more enjoyable - and more importantly fresh-air calories don't count !
Cutlery and crockery will be provided, including cleaning materials for any accidental spills along the way.
There is also a large Dometic fridge and freezer which is more than enough to keep your drinks and dairy and vegetables chilled.
For outdoor cooking and drinks we have provided a gas burner stove and camping kettle.

Indy has a 6 speed manual gearbox (clutch and gearbox are not at all heavy to operate) with 4x4 which is great for muddy campsites and wintery / slippery conditions.
He is shod with 18 inch XL-rated Michelin Primacy SUV tyres which offer a more comfortable ride than the fashionable larger boneshaking 20 inch wheels and low-profile tyres!!
Depending on your plans and the prevailing weather these can be changed out for more extreme weather A/T GRABBER tyres.
We keep Indy fed, watered and in tiptop all-round mechanical condition - he has recently benefitted from all the fluids being changed- even those that VW do not mention on the official service schedule.

We have an Atera 3/4 bike rack available as an option - which has the advantage of sliding rearward to allow access to the rear doors as needed - this really is a game changer when needed to access the rear of the vehicle on long journeys a- ensuring the bicycles stay safe and secure at all times. It has full electrics and lights including reverse/ turn signal alert tone.
This rack really is the only custom-designed bikerack for these barn-door vans - having tried other solutions we can confirm they are indeed much less hassle to live with -and straightforward to attach / detach as needed.

Our view on vehicle safety and maintenance is our Fellow Adventurers will have the same peace of mind that we enjoy on each and every trip.

A big thank-you for reading all about us and our adventures with the intrepid Indy - we do hope you found it useful.

Happy Travels!
Emma, Andrew, Reuben and Hunter --


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